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Social media is one of the most important marketing tools your business has and it's so important to have high quality, well thought out photos that reflect your brand. I can photograph your jewellery, accessories and beauty products, freeing up your time for other important areas of your business.

These prices include any props I need to buy for the shoot and all images will be custom made to fit in with your brand image.

Before the shoot, you'll need to email the style you want from the shoot. You'll need to send the products (which can be returned if buyer pays postage) and a brief about your brand so that I can design the set up to match your brand image. Products I usually work with are jewellery, accessories and beauty products.

Depending on availability, you can usually expect your images sent to you via email within 1-2 weeks.

If you'd like to see some examples, please check out the photography section of this site.

Flat lay

Mood boarding is so important to a brand. With so many different aesthetics online, it's so easy for your brand to be influenced by others on the internet, resulting in a weaker brand image and leaving your customers confused. To create a strong brand image, you need to be consistent with every aspect of your brand.  By creating a mood board, I can help keep your brand on track, with a quick glance, to ensure you and your team are all on the same page.

What you'll get
In order to create the perfect mood board for your brand, I'll ask you to send over some images and answer some questions in order to gain an understanding of your brand.

You'll receive your mood board in 48 hours via email, which will be a collection of images, prints and text. You can then start referring back to this to ensure your brand image stays strong and is consistent.

Mood board

Please contact me for social media management packages.

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